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Things you might like to know about Grubbies

At the top of the list of things that matter to us, is fabric. Clothes for babies and tiny children need to be soft and gentle on one hand but durable and tough on the other and we have worked hard to source fabrics that do it all. We are particularly proud of our denim which is amazingly soft, but no less authentic and hardy for it.

We’re a bit excitable when it comes to detailing, particularly when it comes to denim. Quality hardware, vibrant zips, retro piping – we like to think that these are the things making our clothes smile.

We like to keep things simple for customers. Our key styles of dungarees, along with our tees and kerchiefs, will be available season after season to see you through from birth to pre-school. Planning for the longterm justifies our (sometimes painfully) meticulous design process to make sure our styles are practically perfect.

We’re proud to say that Grubbies is a genuinely British brand – designed in Great Britain and made in Great Britain.